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This will be my opportunity to share some of my thoughts and experiences in Switzerland with my friends and family back home. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.

Location: Japan

Monday, October 16, 2006


So, I have this one pair of sandals that I have been wearing pretty much constantly since July. I have probably put a few hundred miles on those shoes. All this walking has really worn out the traction on the bottom. So if the ground I am walking on is the least bit wet, I have to be very careful not to fall on my face. Unfortunately, this has happened a few times. While we were in the Vatican Museums, Tim saw this sign with a little man falling and made me pose in front of it. I think he is making fun of me. :)

Me and the slippery sign


Seeing the Colluseum was so amazing. It is incredible to think how advanced the Roman society was all those thousands of years ago. The colluseum is very similar to "modern" stadiums we use today. The really neat feature that they had, was that they could flood the stage to be able to perform sea battles. I have never been to a modern arena that could do that.

Sistine Chapel

I actually got in trouble for taking this picture. Apparently, you aren't allowed to take any photos in the Chapel. They must want you to buy their ridiculously overpriced posters and postcards. No, thanks.


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